Factionalists within DUI tell Ahmeti: He himself repeatedly violated the statute without any consequences


The political will is more important than the party statute, said the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti, noting that factions are not allowed according to the party’s statute, to which the factionalists from the “Fire group” reminded him that he himself had repeatedly violated the statute without any consequences.

“And the way he appointed the coordinators in Chair and Saraj is not in the statute. The election of the branches on the principle: one member – one vote is also non-statutory, like many other things. Ahmeti himself has said on many occasions that the political will is much more important than the statute and in the past he repeatedly insisted on having a faction in the DUI, as there is in most European parties”, said MP Izet Mexhiti, still a high party official, on Sunday.

After Ahmeti’s statement, the disaffected within DUI, who announced factionalism on Saturday, will still decide on further moves. For now, they formally remain members of the party and are not excluded.

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