VMRO-DPMNE proposes that the Croatian preamble be applied in its entirety when changing the Constitution


The largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE called on the majority parties to fully apply the Croatian model when changing the Constitution.

“This country, the Republic of Croatia, is an EU member state, so the change of the Constitution according to the so-called Croatian model for VMRO-DPMNE is seriously applicable and acceptable. With that, Macedonia will change its multi-ethnic character to a unitary one and, analogously, Macedonia will be a state of the Macedonian people and a state to which the national minorities who live here belong,” said the opposition party spokesperson Marija Miteva on Sunday.

According to Miteva, if the Croatian model is applied, the preamble of our Constitution would look like this:

“The Republic of Macedonia is established as a national state of the Macedonian people and a state of the members of the national minorities: Albanians, Turks, Roma, Vlachs, Bosniaks, etc., who are its citizens, who are guaranteed the same rights as the Macedonian people and exercise of national rights, in accordance with the democratic norms of the United Nations,” Miteva said.


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