NGI Coalition of Egyptians – Constitutional amendments according to the Croatian model are acceptabl


In conditions where we have a Preamble to the Constitution, where we have the category “others”, and the Egyptians as a separate, autochthonous and authentic ethnic community are not mentioned, the Torbeshi, Croats, Montenegrins, Jews, etc. are not mentioned, and before us we have a “condition ” which we need to fulfill in order to continue the path to the EU, and that is a change of the highest legal act, then it is correct to apply the preamble from the Croatian Constitution and in the amendments to the Constitution of N. Macedonia in the spirit of European values, the leader of the NGI Coalition of Egyptians Demir Dalip pointed out on Monday.

According to Dalip, due to the subordinate situation, many Egyptians, especially the younger population, go outside the borders of Macedonia, in search of a better life, and they have the quality and capacity to help the country in its efforts to be a full member of the EU.

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