Technician with a high school degree and poor grades hired for EUR 5,600 per month for the scandalous supervision!


We continue to reveal parts of the “EXPERTS” scandal

A salary of 5,600 euros per month for a person that barely finished high school.

There are never enough experts, whether they are in the railway, or certain inspectorates, that is, they are experts in supervision from Corridors 8 and 10-d from Bechtel and Enka.

“If the documentation from the tender for Supervision and Legal Transactional Advisor for the construction of Corridor VIII and Corridor X-d is analyzed, it will be seen that data is missing for some of the experts. That is, signed contracts of some of those experts with the economic operators that have won the tender or their subcontractors are missing, said the VMRO-DPMNE commissions in a Facebook post.

From the other available data, names of experts, their education and work experience are listed.

So for position C4. INSPECTOR for facilities and constructions from personnel for the highway section Gostivar-Bukojchani is specified as a certain Nikola Ch. He is a construction technician with a high school degree and poor grades.

For this position, the net salary is set at MKD 344,844, or EUR 5,600 per month.

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