SDS put on life jackets in the hope of not drowning, but they will face a flood during the elections, says opposition


“Side by side” is an action that is a consequence of nervousness and the present fear of defeat that they know will happen to them. This is a desperate attempt to attract attention in conditions when SDS does not provide an answer and solution to any problem in society, VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday.

“It is an absurd situation for Kovachevski to say that he understands the problems of the people, and spends 30 thousand euros on promotion on social media to brag about non-existent results, while the people spend the day with only 150 denars. It is absurd to say that the prices of eggs and bread are frozen, while the country is breaking records with double-digit inflation that is not found in any other country in Europe and everything else is more expensive. It is absurd that Kovachevski’s salary increased through the Kacarska judiciary while the salaries of the people do not increase,” the largest opposition party added.

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