Bytyqi: The Government’s position regarding the two provisions for officials’ salaries is clear


 The position of the Government regarding the abolition of the two provisions on the amount of salaries of public officials is clear – the Government has given a negative opinion, sent to the Constitutional Court, in which it indicates that the Constitutional Court should not accept the initiative and that it should remain on the previous provisions, yes did not abolish them, said the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi.

According to Bytyqi, all this can be closed by law, but it is not good to make hasty decisions as a reaction to something, because this can only cause more damage.

“Are all problems regarding elected and appointed persons solved by law? No. Can damage be caused by a hasty decision in reaction? Yes, it can, because the decision, apart from officials, ministers and MPs, also includes judges and other appointed persons. Decisions should not be made as a reaction to a certain moment. The damage can be much greater than making a decision as a reaction, rather than sitting down and finding a sustainable solution for everyone, in a fair way,” Bytyqi pointed out during a political TV show.

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