NovAsnom: Bulgaria should pay war reparations to Macedonia


The organization NovAsnom believes that our eastern neighbor, the Republic of Bulgaria, should pay the Republic of North Macedonia war reparations in the amount of 334,266,670.00 million US dollars, for the damage caused during the Second World War when the Bulgarian occupation army occupied Macedonia.
“Therefore, we believe that the Republic of Macedonia should approach the consideration and formalization of such a request and officially submit an adequate request to our eastern neighbor as soon as possible.
As a basic and starting amount, we took the amount of 25 million dollars that the Republic of Bulgaria accepted to pay as reparations to Yugoslavia when it signed the Treaty of Bled on August 1, 1947 in Bled, Republic of Slovenia. The sum of 334,266,677.00 million US dollars was obtained when we calculated the inflationary costs from August 1, 1947 until today, and for that we used the inflationary calculator of the US Department of Labor,” said NovAsnom.

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