Instead of paying damages worth EUR 53 million, the state could use those funds for cystic fibrosis patients


When asked to comment on the fact that relatives of cystic fibrosis patients are begging for the purchase of the Trikafta medication, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hrisitjan Mickoski said that what was happening in the country was unfortunate and tragic.

Mickoski indicated that it should be seen how many people can be treated with the medicaton they need if I take into account that the Government will pay 53 million euros in damages to a private company.

“This is really dreadful, sad, tragic. Imagine how many people can be treated with the medication with these 53 million euros, let’s say, damages that the Government consciously undertook to pay to the private company because it knows that the Constitutional Court has already made a decision on the impossibility, that is, challenging the decision to increase the working hours per week, from 40 to 60 working hours. Imagine with these 53 million euros how many people can be treated and with those 2 million euros of additional damages that have also been taken on a monthly basis, these patients can be treated,” said Mickoski.

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