AJM condemns the threats against journalist Nevrij Ademi


The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) condemns the threats aimed at the journalist of Tetovasot, Nevrij Ademi, by an employee of the municipality of Tetovo.

After the story published by the Tetovasot journalist Nevrij Ademi about the nepotism in the employment process of the wife of the Head of the Education Department in Tetovo Municipality, Validin Ademi, received an online threat on Facebook on Thursday from the brother of the manager Ademi.

According to the instructions of the colleague, Valmir Ademi threatened him in a private message yesterday by writing: “You are messing with my livelihood and my family, so from this moment on, you and your boss should be careful”.

The threat was reported to the Ministry of Interior and according to the information from Nevrij, the man that made the threats was taken to the police station.


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