VMRO-DPMNE: We work for Macedonia, while SDS divides and robs the people


SDS should reread its reactions and announcements, concentrate and prepare better and more well-argued reactions, even though in such a desperate situation in which the state finds itself, it would be difficult to find any, VMRO-DPMNE pointed out in a press release on Saturday.
“Otherwise, they sound like a comedy show sketch in which they try to prove who is American, who is Russian, and who is Chinese. Who is with the Germans, who is with the Spanish, who is with the Japanese. If this wasn’t such a serious matter in which a terrible robbery is taking place in full view of the public, we could have laughed together.
Let’s ease their suffering by telling them that we are for the Macedonians and for Macedonia and for all other citizens who live here.
“While they are trying to find themselves somewhere between the Pacific and the Atlantic, they forget that they are in power for the 6th year in a country that is in free fall, with a people that can no longer see their stupidity and crimes and lack of vision, work and projects,” said the opposition party.

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