Economic Chamber head Branko Azeski sends an open letter to PM Dimitar Kovacevski: What is happening with the European program “Life”?


“Prime Minister Kovachevski, a year ago I asked what was happening with the European program “Life”. Now I inform you that it has not been signed yet. The Economic Chamber of Macedonia has already received two projects from the “Life” program, worth more than two and a half million euros, in the field of energy efficiency, one of which is nationally related to the activities that should define the new goals for energy efficiency until 2050.

European program “Life”, one of the key European programs for financing climate change, energy efficiency, the transition to clean energy, the circular economy and the nature of biodiversity.

This program is extremely important for the realization of the negotiation process, in which one whole cluster two is dedicated to the green agenda and the sustainable connection and is extremely important for Macedonian companies, because the application, which will be appreciated at the end of the day, significantly will reduce the financial implications related to their application”, Azeski told Kovachevski in a letter.


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