SAO: Kisela Voda paid EUR 44,000 in 2021 for contracts with no criteria


The report of the State Audit Office showed that Kisela Voda Municipality paid 44,000 euros during 2021 on the basis of freelance agreements with 23 people for whom no criteria were prescribed. They earned compensations of up to 89,000 MKD per month.

“During 2021, the Kisela Voda municipality has paid a total of 2,706 thousand denars, based on freelance contracts, concluded with 23 people. With the inspection of the submitted documentation, the audit ascertains the following situations,” the report reads.

In 2021, the number of persons hired under concluded contracts and annex contracts ranges from 47 to 87, for which funds were paid in the total amount of 12,722 thousand denars or about 21,000 euros.

The Kisela Voda municipality informs that this report refers to the time when Filip Temelkovski from the ranks of SDSM was the municipality’s mayor.

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