DS: Grubi forms a new ministry for pre-election corruption for the Bechtel and Enka project


With the announcement of the Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR) for the employment of about 30 people in the newly formed Project Unit for the implementation of the contract for the construction of the highways on corridors 8 and 10 e, it is obvious that Artan Grubi is forming a new ministry, which for pre-election purposes will have huge funds for corruption, reads the press release of the Democratic Union party (DS).
“It becomes clear that the advertisement for the hiring of an assistant coordinator of the project directly bypasses the State Roads director, and thus the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which is responsible for the construction of highways. Instead of them, Artan Grubi, who is the minister of political system and coordinator for the implementation of the agreement, which he created as the coordinator of the Committee for the preparation of the agreement, will directly decide on the hiring of loyal party staff in the Project Unit, for the legalization of illegal constructions on the ground , for woodcutting, etc. and the actual payment and distribution of financial assets of several hundred million euros.
The latest development of events only increases the doubts about the corruption of this project, which the government will abuse by legalizing crime through the adoption of nine laws in an abbreviated procedure”, the DS pointed out.

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