Government agreed to pay damages of EUR 53 million for this month and a total of 196 million for penalties only based on a 60-hour work week, claims opposition


The Government must explain today why it committed itself to pay damages of 53 million euros for this month and a total of 196 million euros for penalties based only on changing the law and introducing a 60-hour work week, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told a press briefing on Monday.
“The Government must reveal today when and on which day it will pay the 53 million euros in additional penalties or costs, because it did not meet the requirement, changing the law for a 60-hour work week?”
The Government should explain what was written on page 427 of the agreement signed on March 8, it is this page that has already appeared in the media.
So, they must tell us, or show the appropriate page from the agreement, if it is not fulfilled within 45 days from the signing (on March 8) that is, the last date”, Stoilkovski said with explanations and questions about the contract.

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