Shaqiri: I will submit the reactions to the integration of subjects to the Education Development Bureau


The Macedonian Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri announced that he will submit the correspondence with reactions regarding the integration of subjects that reach the Ministry of Education and Culture to the Education Development Bureau for an opinion because, he said, it is the institution that proposed the Concept for Basic Education and which should analyze what impact the integration of the subjects has on the curriculum and the reactions in relation to the subjects History and Geography.

“After that, we as the Ministry of Education and Science will report on the situation, after receiving specific data on the impact the integration of those subjects has on the weekly class of those who teach them, and also on the content, and we will respond to all those who have sent a letter or reacted publicly,” said Shaqiri, asked after participating in the round table “Anti-corruption education – approaches and challenges”.

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