State Examination Center goes on strike


The trade union organization of the State Examination Center (SODIC-SFDM) went on a general strike from today, due to the Ministry of Finance’s failure to approve the request to amend and supplement the collective agreement, with the aim of protecting the economic and social rights of its members. , said the State Examination Center on Tuesday.

“All processes that are under the jurisdiction of the State Exam Center (State Matura, state testing, training and exam for directors, trainee exams, international TIMS testing, etc.) will be stopped until the approval of the Ministry of Finance is obtained. All 29 employees are members of the union and the state of strike, which would last longer than a week, would mean the impossibility of conducting the state graduation,” reads the SODIC-SFDM’s press release.

As the center points out, at the moment 11 out of a total of 29 employees in various positions are equal and have a minimum salary of MKD 20,000.


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