Families of the sentenced in the April 27 case: We are not asking for mercy, we just want a chance for a fair trial


Seven years have passed, people say that time heals wounds, but for us, time not only does not heal wounds, but the pains become more and more unbearable. The thought is unbearable, that they are seven years older, their little children have grown up in seven years and are already boys and girls, grandchildren were born and they have grown up, the families of the convicted for the April 27 case said on Facebook.

“It is unbearable after seven years to hear how the public is being manipulated that our loved ones committed terrorism but they don’t say that they were unarmed, it is unbearable to keep silent that they were convicted of a crime against the state. Citizens, all of them, should know that in the rigged political process, our people have been declared enemies of the state and that they are political prisoners,” the family members said in a Facebook post.

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