Mickoski on the Judicial Council developments: Vandalism and vagrancy on the open stage


The events in the Judicial Council are vandalism, devaluation, vagrаncy on an open stage and a process that shames Macedonia and that causes lasting damages and consequences, said the leader of opposition party VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski.

“I will not comment on the person who was changed in the way she was changed, as you know our position, where she came from, how she came from, and what happened to her in this obstructed judiciary in Macedonia is only a consequence of the fact that she represents itself. But if we comment on the process itself, then it really is a process of vandalism, of vagrancy and a process that not only embarrasses Macedonia, but is a process that causes permanent damage and consequences in the sense that we leave a bad impression in front of our international partners.” said Mickoski, asked during his visit to the Municipality of Aerodrom on Friday.

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