Ristova: The members of the Judicial Council don’t know the procedure for their own responsibility


The members of the Judicial Council, with yesterday’s dismissal of the president Vesna Dameva, sent an ugly picture that should worry the entire public, experts assess in an interview with Telma TV on Thursday evening. Former judge Milka Ristova believes that yesterday’s events in the Judicial Council do not befit a supreme body that stands at the very top of the judiciary.

“First, the fact that the session on such an important issue, to discuss the work of the president of the Judicial Council, regardless of what we call it, whether dismissal, responsibility, etc., was completely unworthy, that is, without a set agenda, without compliance with any procedural rules, prescribed in their Law on Courts, was passed on to some kind of voting,” said Ristova.

In addition to the fact that the deputy president of the Judicial Council, according to Ristova, usurped the management of the session in a situation where the president is next to him, and the fact that only one of the members indicated that the vote had no legal basis, leads her to think that the judges and members of the Judicial Council does not know the procedure.

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