Judicial Council is holding on by a thread, says professor Kozarev


Confidence in judges in Macedonia is in single-digit numbers. It culminated last week when we witnessed the dismissal of Vesna Dameva, Professor Atanas Kozarev told the “Studio 10” political show.
“Obviously, these issues of distrust in the work of judges imply problems in the work of the judicial council. In a normal country, a commission of inquiry should be established for such a case, which will be composed of experts, not politicians. I expect today, in accordance with the law on the judicial council, that the session will be held, which is debatable from the point of view of the law, because we do not have a legal decision to disband Dameva. We don’t have it in the official newspaper yet. The judicial council is at serious risk. The consequences of this whole process are grand,” said Professor Kozarev.

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