Vejce massacre memorial plaque destroyed by unknown perpetrators


The new plaque with the names of the eight members of the security forces, who died in the massacre near Vejce, has been demolished, and was placed there on April 28 by the Levica political party.
“With uncivilized manners, territorial claims and no coexistence, there is no step towards Europe and the world. In the 21st century, when the world civilization pretends to colonize Mars, the Albanians from Tetovo are returning to the Stone Age through vandalism and destruction of everything that is Macedonian. Namely, the plaques placed in honor of the massacred defenders in Vejce in 2001, which were placed by the leaders of Levica, Apasiev and Krmov, as well as others present, were desecrated. Every year we see the same picture, and the top of the state is mute and deaf to the urinating on history and statehood by the Albanian minority who are rampaging on the state that feeds and shelters them. All the officials aim at Europe and the West, and you yourself know that this kind of “coexistence” is not going anywhere. You are photographed in the media and with representatives of the European community, while your society is rotten. Eternal glory to the Macedonian defenders, the grave will forever be known to them, because you cannot destroy as much as we can build,” said Levica on Tuesday.

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