SDSM: VMRO-DPMNE demanded the Corridors contract, now they are running away from saying which day and at which committee it should be reviewed


VMRO-DPMNE is losing itself in its destructions and manipulations against the strategic project of national interest for the construction of sections of corridors 8 and 10D. They were looking for the contract on the corridors, and now they are running away from declaring which day and at which Parliament committee it should be reviewed, the ruling party SDSM announced on Thursday.

“They speculated that the majority in the Parliament led by SDSM is looking for a way to not consider the contract at all, and when they have to decide for themselves, they are asking for more time. The White Palace should decide as soon as possible when and in which committee the contract will be reviewed, in order to stop speculations about the biggest infrastructure project since independence to date,” said SDSM.

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