Government marks the Bechtel-Enka contract with a ‘EU flag” because it’s clear it is harmful, says Dimitrieska-Kochoska


“The abuse that this Government does continuously does not stop, and on the other hand, the people are already aware and know it. When I say this, I mean exactly the contract with Bechtel and Enka, a contract that is more than clear that it is very harmful and a contract that they hide precisely because there is a lot of corruption and crime in it. It is a contract that is based primarily on non-existent laws. Laws that are now entering the Parliament and they put a EU flag on them, not by chance, because it is the only way for them to avoid the public, it is the only way to hide things and to have no public debate”, stated the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Gordana Dimitrieska Kochoska.
The VMRO-DPMNE official added that “at the same time we have one of the highest inflation rates in Europe, and that there are no jobs, no investments, no textbooks, no healthcare, no education”.

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