Primary school pupil from Skopje pointed a plastic gun at a classmate


A pupil from a primary school in Skopje came to school yesterday with a plastic gun. At one point, he pointed the toy gun at other students, but then handed it over, reports.
“On 05.05.2023 in the premises of a primary school in the area of Chair, Skopje, police officers in the presence of parents, a teacher, a psychologist and the principal of the school conducted an official interview with a minor-pupil in the school, acting on a previous report from the principal of the school that he took out a plastic gun (toy) and pointed it at other students, and then handed it to her. The public prosecutor on duty for minors has been notified,” the Ministry of Interior informed.
Also, four female high school studentsfrom the “Panche Karagjozov” medical high school posted threatening content on social media on Friday.

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