Last year’s electricity production lower than 12 years ago?!


Despite the energy crisis that raised the alarm for the full engagement of domestic production, it was less during the last year than 12 years ago, according to the Report on the work of the Regulatory Commission for Energy, which provides continuity from 2010.
In 2022, 5,634 gigawatt-hours of electricity were produced, while in 2010, 6,774 gigawatt-hours. Last year, the production of electricity from thermal power plants (2,621 gigawatt-hours) is even 38.7% lower than in 2012 (4,277 gigawatthours). At the same time, the production from TPP Bitola has decreased by one third (it was 3,700 in 2010, and in 2022 it will be 2,354 gigawatt-hours), and from TPP Oslomej it has been halved from 577 to 267. The most drastic drop is in hydropower plants, where in 2010 there were produced 2,185 gigawatt-hours, and in 2022 – 985

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