Chief Prosecutor Joveskidemands stricter penal policy for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition


Tragedies that the Serbian society is facing represent an alarm for us as a law enforcement authority to mobilize for the purpose of more efficient control of firearms in our country, says Chief Public Prosecutor LjubomirJoveski, and urged prosecutors to act on enhancing the penal policy for illicit possession of firearms and ammunition.

“I urge all public prosecutors in the country to insist on stricter sanctions when proceeding in cases involving illicit production, possession and trade of firearms or dispersive matters. This refers both to prosecutors in the basic prosecutor’s offices and those in higher prosecutor’s offices,” says Joveski.

Considering the enormous damages that can be caused by unlawful arms possession, he adds, sanctions for perpetrators of such crimes should not be mitigated.

“Firearms are means used to commit many other crimes and its use beyond the legal framework cannot be tolerated,” said Joveski.

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