Kovachevski and Grubi knew that the corridors’ construction would cost more, they submitted an estimate for capital expenditures that was EUR 390 million higher than the IMF?!


The IMF’s capital expenditure projections for 2023-2027 for North Macedonia are 390 million euros lower than the government’s. According to IMF projections, N. Macedonia will have capital investments for 390 million euros less than the government’s projection for the same period, which was made a few months later. There is a doubt that the 390 million euros that appear in the government’s estimates are the funds that the government has determined will be needed as an addition to the 1.3 billion euros for the construction of the corridors, VMRO-DPMNE said on Tuesday.

“Will the project that was worth 1.3 billion euros in November already cost 1.7 billion euros in December 2022, with the potential to exceed more than 2 billion euros?,” the opposition party added.

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