City of Skopje denies that its account has been blocked, it has a debt left by Trajanovski, which even Shilegov did not pay


The City of Skopje says that its account is not blocked, nor is the material and financial operation of the administration threatened at this moment.

Unfortunately, it is true that the city of Skopje has unpaid obligations to private entities, and in this case it is a debt incurred by former mayor Koce Trajanovski, and then ex-mayor Petre Shilegov failed to pay either.

“This way of working of these politicians and their political options, not only threatens the operation of the city, as in this case, but puts the state in debt slavery for 33 years. For more than three decades, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia have been paying off debts generated by each governing body, filling their own private pockets with money that the citizens are returning today. In the last year, the city of Skopje managed to return its credit rating to the highest level in the last 15 years, for which the prerequisite is precisely the reduction of the accumulated debts, the systematic material and financial operations and the consolidation of the finances,” said the City of Skopje.

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