Mickoski meets Council of American Ambassadors delegation: Only the Copenhagen criteria should apply to Macedonia, no constitutional amendments under Bulgarian dictation


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski and a delegation of the party met Friday with the delegation of the Council of American Ambassadors, which is paying a working visit to the country.
At the meeting, they discussed the current political and economic situation of Macedonia as well as Macedonian European integration, with Mickoski stressing that there will be no constitutional changes in this parliamentary composition under Bulgarian dictation even under these circumstances.
Mickoski stressed that Macedonia’s place is in the European Union, but the same conditions should apply to Macedonia as to the other member states, that is, the country’s path to the EU should be based on the Copenhagen criteria and without additional conditions.
Mickoski thanked the support that Macedonia receives from the USA and pointed out that the cooperation should continue in the future as well.

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