No postponement of state matriculation exam – SEC puts strike on hold

Closeup to hand of student holding pencil and taking exam in classroom with stress for education test.

The state matriculation exam will be held on the established dates – on May 27 and June 10. The union of the State Examination Center (DIC) decided on Friday to suspend the strike for higher salaries, which started almost three weeks ago, in the interest of the graduates. It made the decision because it believes that by including outsiders in the preparations for the final exam, as announced by the Ministry of Education, the validity of the testing and the results of the matriculation exam will be violated.

“The State Examination Center employees, as experts in the field and individuals with integrity and social responsibility, have decided to postpone the fight for their right to a dignified life on behalf of your future. With this press release, we suspend our strike,” said the SEC union in its message to the high school students that will take the matriculation exam.


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