Police detain two men suspected building a parking lot without a permit at the Bit Pazar polyclinic


Two citizens were detained by the police on suspicion that yesterday afternoon they demolished the fence of the Bit Pazar polyclinic with the intention of building a parking lot there. As reported by SDK.mk, the suspects are N. K. (44) and Sh. D. (42), who are suspected of two crimes – usurpation and illegal construction.

The Ministry of the Interior informs that they did not receive a permit from Chair Municipality for the construction of a parking lot and that the case has been notified to the Public Prosecutor and after its complete documentation, appropriate charges will be filed.

“Someone with heavy machinery and without any building permit broke into the premises of the Bit-Pazar polyclinic late last night and wanted to start building,” said the director of Zdravstven dom Skopje, Dr. Viktor Isjanovski.

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