Kisela Voda Municipality unveils monument to the fallen defender Ljubisha Arangjelovikj


With a solemn ceremony, Mayor Orce Gjorgjievski accompanied by the family of the fallen defender in the battle against terrorism in Kumanovo, Ljubisa Arangelovikj unveiled his memorial plaque on Saturday. Colleagues from the Union of Police Officers paid their respects to the deceased member of the EBR, who laid fresh flowers and bowed in front of the monument. The event was attended by several citizens, friends of the deceased Arandjelovikj, as well as the Mayor of Butel Municipality, Darko Kostovski.

“With immense respect for Ljubisa Arangelovikj, the great hero who died defending his country from the terrorists who attacked in Divo Naselje, today we unveil his monument. The sacrifice he made defending our security, the courage he showed defending his motherland are something we will always remember,” said Mayor Gjorgjievski.

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