GI-TOC: Balkan airports are key hotspots of organized crime in the region


Police and customs officials from the Balkans, including those at the Skopje airport, wage a daily “battle” with risks and criminal networks for smuggling and illegal trade. The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) published the report which analyzes the trends and hotspots of organized crime in the Balkans. In it, it is stated that the Skopje airport is one of the several Balkan air ports which have been concluded to be a location where the police conduct a daily “battle” against the activities of international criminal networks, SlobodenPechat daily news outlet reported on Monday.

The extensive document concludes that airports in the Balkans have become key transit points for a range of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, people smuggling and money laundering.

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