Levica: Desolation instead of new jobs – Kratovo Industrial Zone


Back in November 2014, the then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Stavreskiannounced that everything was ready for the commissioning of the new industrial zone in Kratovo. On October 28, 2015, on an area of ​​65,715 m2, the Industrial Zone “Kratovo” was officially established, for which millions of funds were allocated.

“Almost 10 years later, although all the conditions have been met, DTIDZ, as the operator responsible for managing IZ “Kratovo”, has not nailed the indicated location. The fact that due to livelihood, a large number of citizens from Kratovo are forced to travel for hours to the nearest factories in Kumanovo, Probishtip and Shtip is also disappointing, and the existing IZ, which is only five kilometers from Kratovo, is overgrown with grass,” said opposition party Levica.

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