Dimitrieska-Kochoska: The Government through the civil bond plans to finance its crime with citizens’ savings


The Government led by SDSM and DUI plans to finance its crime with citizens’ savings, said the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE Gordana Dimitrieska-Kochoska in a statement on Thursday.
She points out that the announced civil bond is another direct robbery that the Government plans to do, no less, with the citizens’ savings.
“This Government, which is daily sinking into scandals for corrupt actions, along with the last biggest scandal related to the Corridor 8 contract, plans to borrow money from citizens to realize its own commissions,” said the opposition official.
In addition to the suspension of the law in the country with the proposed legal amendments that are in the Parliament, with this move the Government and the Ministry of Finance are dragging the citizens into the scandal of the century.
“According to the Minister of Finance, two-year civil bonds in the amount of 50 million euros will be issued this year with an interest rate higher than the interest rates on deposits in banks, but according to the minister, this did not have a negative impact on the deposits kept in banks. It will have implications on lending, as it has in the last few years, in which the private sector’s displacement from the state is at its strongest,” Dimitrieska-Kochoska noted.

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