Dalip: Egyptians are the most marginalized ethnic community, we demand that the model of positive discrimination be applied


Members of the Egyptian ethnic community in N. Macedonia are by far the most marginalized and unintegrated ethnic community in Macedonia. As a result of such positioning, which is susceptible to silent administrative and cultural assimilation, which was also shown in the results of the Census, which do not even closely reflect the objective number of Egyptians in N. Macedonia, pointed out the leader of the NGI coalition of Egyptians, DemirDalip.

“Egyptians have an increasing number of high school graduates each year that are mostly not accepted to the universities where they want to continue their education. Precisely because of this, we will send a letter to the Ministry of Education and Science to provide scholarships for Egyptian students and special-additional quotas, with the model of the so-called “positive discrimination”, stressed Dalip.

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