Constitutional amendments will focus only on the negotiating framework


The working group for the preparation of the proposal for the initiative on the need for constitutional amendments, after adopting the Rules of Procedure yesterday, will start meeting once a week, and more often if necessary. The goal is to prepare the proposal and submit it to the Government within the stipulated time frame, according to the processes of the European Union.
The focus of the work will be what the European proposal and the negotiation framework mean for Macedonia, that is, the inclusion of Bulgarians and other ethnic communities in the Constitution, as a condition for continuing the negotiations with the EU.
The president of the working group, Margarita Caca Nikolovska, said that they will not enter into possible changes to the Constitution by introducing the Albanian language, instead of the provision over 20 percent of the population, because, as she said, the mandate of the members of the working group is limited.

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