No buildings should be built that threaten Lake Ohrid, says Shukova


The Macedonian Minister of Environment Kaja Shukova says that they will demand an answer from the Albanian side about the construction activities in Lake Ohrid, about which the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama informed. In the photos shared by Rama, construction activities can be seen in the lake itself, i.e. the construction of a marina for parking ships, as well as a new promenade along the shore itself. The photos are from the shore of Lake Ohrid, near Tushemishte, where the sources are of the Drilon River, near Pogradec, Albania.

“For every single activity that is within the Ohrid Lake, we should first be informed, and secondly, we should pay attention to what both the Macedonian and Albanian sides are doing. We should not allow ourselves to go further with facilities that will endanger the lake, and the basis for that should be communication,” says Minister Shukova.

Two years ago, UNESCO requested to stop the construction plans that are in the immediate vicinity of Drilon, because the springs there are of great importance for the lake.

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