Through the campaign “This is Macedonia for all”, the citizens indicate to me that education is going in a bad direction, the Government is not listening


President of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Education and Science Vesna Janevska, during an interview with Utrinski Pechat, pointed out that real changes are needed in the education system. These reforms carried out by the Government are not successful.

“We need to make our own national program for our children, which could take experience from abroad, but which should be related to our traditions, culture,” stressed Janevska.

She indicated that a very bad choice of the government was the so-called conception of minister Mila Carovska.

Janevska indicated that through the campaign of VMRO-DPMNE “This is Macedonia for all” she has the opportunity to meet with people from several populated areas where they tell her that education is moving in a bad direction and they are afraid for their children.

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