Mickoski: The information about redefining Macedonia into a binational country is worrying, Kovachevski must not dare to do additional damage to the Macedonian identity


What concerns me is that I have received information that they are not only talking about the introduction of the minimal Bulgarian minority in the Preamble of the Macedonian Constitution, but they are also talking about completely redefining Macedonia as a state, to be a binational country in which two peoples will exist , several ethnic communities that are now part of the nation within the framework of the Preamble of the Macedonian Constitution and everything else that will be above a certain percentage related to last year’s so-called census to be a minority, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said during his visit to Kavadarci on Tuesday.

“Kovachevski should be careful what he promises, we know his concession to the main player in the government, which is DUI, is big, it is financial, we know that he receives certain financial compensations for doing this, but all this will be discussed after the elections, because all this is information only. That is why it is very important that he remains dignified, months are at stake and that he does not do additional damage to the Macedonian identity,” Mickoski said.

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