Pendarovski congratulates May 23 – the National Day of the Vlachs


Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, on the occasion of May 23 – National Day of the Vlachs, sent a congratulation message to the members of the Vlach community in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Dear fellow citizens,

Let me congratulate you on May 23 – National Day of the Vlachs.

On this day, in 1905, a decree was issued which recognized, within the Ottoman Empire, the reality that the Vlachs are a special people with their own language, their own culture and their own identity. This opened a new chapter in the long and rich history of the Vlach people, which testifies to the great contribution of the Vlachs in the fight for a free and independent Macedonian state.

Today, the members of the Vlach community in North Macedonia exercise the right to civil and political organization, enjoying all the same rights as other ethnic communities. The Vlachs actively contribute to social flows and in all segments of daily life.

The obligation of the Republic of North Macedonia is to continue to preserve, develop and promote the ethnic, linguistic and cultural identity of the Vlachs in the spirit of European values.


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