VMRO-DPMNE’s position is clear, there will be no constitutional changes, it’s more difficult for SDS than for DUI to give up Grubi


The spokesperson of opposition party VMRO-DPMNE, Naum Stoilkovski, asked by the media regarding the conditional DUI resignations and Artan Grubi’s position that he is ready to give up his 100 days as Albanian prime minister.

“There will be no constitutional amendments with such fooling around, the position of VMRO-DPMNE is clear. If he wants to resign, let Artan Grubi resign immediately, but the problem is not only DUI but also SDS to submit resignations, but irrevocable ones, and let’s go to snap general elections, because everything else is procrastination and playing games. It is good that DUI, after 20 years in power, is ready to go into opposition, from where they can answer for the crime and prove their innocence. Regarding Artan Grubi’s statement, I think that it is more difficult for SDS than for DUI to accept the idea of ​​Artan Grubi and de facto not being their prime minister,” said Stoilkovski.



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