Mucunski: Government does not allow the Aerodrom Municipality to expand two primary schools with its own funds, which it has an obligation to do, but doesn’t


Mayor of Aerodrom municipality Timcho Mucunski stressed in an interview with TV Alfa’s morning show that the Government has failed to provide textbooks for pupils n time this school year as well.

“Unfortunately, pupils have not yet received all the textbooks. Additionally, in this phase of decentralization, the responsibility for infrastructure investment still rests with the central government. We are one of those municipalities where there is a constantly large number of enrolled first graders. Unfortunately, it is a sorry state of affairs and bad for the demographic picture of the country. But already from the position of local government where we can influence, we say that there is a need for additional investments in the educational infrastructure. And we don’t see that from the central government. There is no proper prioritization of where to invest in the part of the educational infrastructure,” said Mucunski.

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