Big corruption cases start to die down due to Criminal Code amendments


The scheduled hearings for the “Treasury” case, in which the first defendant is Sasho Mijalkov for damage to the state budget of over 800,000 euros as a chief of UBK, as well as against the former member of the Judicial Council Zoran Teofiloski, who damaged the state for the same amount, were not held today, due to the statute of limitations of the cases with the amendments to the Criminal Code brought by the current government.
Zoran Teofiloski is actually a completely free citizen as of today, because the Public Prosecutor’s Office suggested that the Court adopt a decision to stop the criminal proceedings due to the amendments to the Criminal Code. The court issued a decision stopping the proceedings due to the occurrence of an absolute statute of limitations on the criminal prosecution.
And the statute of limitations begins after the reduction of penalties for abuse of official position and powers (for which Teofiloski was accused), just with a simple mathematical operation.

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