Mickoski meets with VMRO-DPMNE MP group: It’s beyond common sense for proven criminals to walk free – if they put up an EU flag, the MPs will walk out of Parliament


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski on Monday met with the MP group led by VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition.

The current political situation was discussed at the meeting, with special emphasis on the Amnesty Law proposed by the SDSM and DUI Government, said the opposition party.

According to Mickoski, it is not acceptable for proven criminals including those from the Monster case to be pardoned or released from prison, adding that the Government’s attempts to release proven criminals is actually beyond common sense.

Regarding the way of carrying the Amnesty Law, which was released after a fast-track procedure, the MP group of VMRO DPMNE and the Coalition made a decision to block the law. But if the so-called EU flag is misused, the MPs will walk out of the Parliament session.

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