Stoilkovski: A mobster from the U.S. blacklist became a business partner of the Government with Grubi’s signature


The Government, comprising DUI and SDS under the leadership of Kovacevski and Artan Grubi, are signatories of the agreement regarding the State Lottery. The state-owned company, the State Lottery, is currently overseen by Artan Grubi’s Chief of Staff, Perparim Bajrami. It is imperative that they promptly disclose whether they have made any promises, expressed intentions, or entered into agreements involving Macedonia’s collaboration with Vasil Bozhkov or any of his companies in the realm of games of chance, online gambling, or betting in Bulgaria. Such disclosures should be made through official channels by the State Lottery, said the VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at a press briefing on Monday.

“This is s of utmost importance because the Bulgarian gambling mogul and mafia oligarch Vasil Bozhkov and his companies have been blacklisted by the US Treasury Department since 2021 under the Magnitsky Anti-Crime, Corruption, Spread of Russian Influence Act. This implies economic and trade sanctions for companies and individuals, a list that is followed and by which the banks and countries of the world are guided,” added Stoilkovski.


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