Seven members of Writers Association presidency submit their resignations


Writers Zoran Anchevski, Vesna Mojsova-Chepishevska, Liliana Pandeva, Vlatko Martinovski, Slavcho Kovilovski, Marina Mijakovska and Aleksandra Jurukovska resigned as members of the Macedonian Writers Association (DPM) presidency.

On October 4, 2023, at a session of the Presidency of the Macedonian Writers Association (DPM), irrevocable resignations as members of the Presidency of DPM were submitted by: Liliana Pandeva, Slavcho Kovilovski, Vlatko Martinovski, Marina Mijakovska and Aleksandra Jurukovska. Zoran Anchevski also submitted a written resignation on the same day, and Vesna Mojsova-Chepishevska a few days earlier, the writers report.

They thank the membership of DPM for the trust shown in the regular elections held in May 2022, and wish the Writers Association fruitful and successful work.


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