There will be a decision on the price of the heating system when we receive a firm confirmation about the installation of the new heating pipe at Belasica bridge


We will make the decision on the price of the heating when we officially receive a firm assurance that the new heat pipe will be installed on the Belasica bridge and that the project will begin to be implemented, and according to the information I have, there is no problem between ESM and the City of Skopje. With that decision, we will not allow any price shocks for heat energy consumers in the City of Skopje, the head of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Marko Bislimoski said Friday.

“Skopje will have thermal heating, that was never in question. What REC insists on is that it be at much lower costs, and RKE will not deviate from that. Skopje and with the existing infrastructure it has with the two heating plants can be supplied with thermal energy without any pipeline and there will be no problem regarding the supply of thermal energy. The point of all that we are reacting to is that as much thermal energy as possible comes to us from TE-TO in order to reduce the costs of the entire system,” Bislimoski said in response to a media question before the beginning of the Economic Forum “From crisis to solutions: Have we become a more resilient economy today?” organized by Finance Think.


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