Another SDSM lie against Mickoski fails – No evidence for the “Delchevski Nivi” case


The procedure for the “Delchevski Nivi” case was stopped by the Public Prosecutor’s Office due to a changed statement of a member of one of the EVN boards and the lack of sufficient evidence to support the accusation.
In this matter, SDSM accused that members of the VMRO-DPMNE leader’s security, as well as party officials, were involved in illegal financing of the party by purchasing land in the area of Delchevo, which was then sold to EVN Elektrani 40 times more expensive than the market value.
After the analysis of the criminal complaint, the statements given by the witnesses, the statements of the suspects as well as all the material evidence provided during the investigative procedure, it is concluded that neither materials nor verbal evidence emerged from the specific investigative procedure that would confirm a well-founded suspicion that the acts attributed to them charged to the suspects are crimes for which they are prosecuted ex officio, that is, it turned out that the defendants did not take actions that constitute the nature of the reported crimes, according to the conclusion of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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