Father Fotij deported from Kosovo with a 5-year ban on entry


The abbot of the Devina Voda monastery of the SOC in the municipality of Zvechan, Father Fotij, who is a citizen of North Macedonia and whose civil name is Aleksandar Kostovski, was deported from Kosovo to North Macedonia by the Kosovo police, following an urgent procedure and without any explanation, reported MIA.

After he was forced to agree to deportation, his North Macedonian passport and mobile phone were temporarily confiscated, his vehicle was thoroughly searched, which was witnessed by a representative of EULEX, after which he was deported with a police escort to the border with North Macedonia, where he passport and phone returned, with a ban on entering Kosovo for the next five years.

Father Fotij was born in 1981 in Skopje, and has been in the Rashko-Prizren Eparchy of the SOC since 2004. Until 2009, he served as a priest in the Sopochani monastery and in Grachanica, and that year he was appointed abbot of the Devina voda monastery near Zvechani, where he lived continuously for 13 years performing monastic duties, the Rashko-Prizren Diocese informed on Saturday.

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